Monday, 15 January 2007

Back to Work

I was off sick from work last Thursday and Friday. One migraine followed the other and that's only happened to me once before. Sometimes I try and sleep the migraine off but it never works. The headache just comes back when I wake up. It does not seem to want to be avoided. This time I think the trigger was monosodium glutamate which was present in something I had eaten and I hadn't realized it. The monosodium glutamate ones are definitely the worst migraines I have experienced.
All of which means that I did no reading for these two days plus the whole of the weekend. Family celebrations and shopping intervened.
My brother loaned me the autobiography of Colin Wilson : Dreaming to Some Purpose, which he highly recommends. About forty or so years ago my brother started to read everything Colin Wilson had published and some years later I followed suit. I remember in particular being impressed with "An Introduction to the New Existentialism". But after a while his interests: the occult, criminality and so on, became a little too esoteric for me. So it will be interesting to see how he charts his writing career in this book.

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